Super responsive and cross-browser ready

Works on Mac, Windows and in any browser.
Works on mobile and the native Android and iOS Appointly apps.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose availability based on each agent, appointment type or your business schedule. Set up working hours, breaks, holidays, days off and days with custom schedules.

Reduce No-Shows

Configure SMS, push notifications or emails to be sent at scheduled times before the scheduled appointment to reduce no-show customer rates. Customers can be notified anywhere from a week to 1 hour prior to their appointment and have the option to cancel their appointment, automatically freeing it up for someone else.

Accept Payments

Set up your own fee schedule – and give customers the options to pay in full prior to their appointment, pay upon arrival, pay a partial payment upfront, or invoice them.

Credit cards are processed through Stripe, Square, PayPal, or Braintree.


See how Appointly can benefit your business

Add service extras.

Have a customer who is requesting additional services or specialized treatment?

Customers have an option to choose a service on top of each service.

  • Integrated analytics with tags and variables so that you can track your ads and analytic campaigns.
  • Securely chat with your customers from your dashboard with Appointly Messages.
  • Allow customers to cancel their own appointments – which will notify you and automatically free up that spot so that someone else may schedule an appointment.
Integrate with any major calendar platform.

Appointly automatically syncs to your Google Calendar, iOS calendar app, or Outlook.

Your customers also have the option of saving their appointment to the calendar of their choice. So they are reminded prior to their appointment and can cancel, edit, message, or acknowledge it.

It’s incredibly intuitive and smooth. Our research is showing the majority of customers are syncing their Appointly appointments to their smartphone calendars.

Advance notice and appointment buffers.

Prevent last-minute bookings and add a little breathing room. Choose pre and post buffers to prevent back-to-back appointments.

  • Integration with Zapier and IFTTT. Allowing you to create an automated booking experience. Free setup for enterpise and healthcare customers.
  • Automatic time zones conversions so that you and your customers are always on the same page.
  • Embed Appointly anywhere. On your website, in your email signature, in your app or as a standalone custom link.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Is it really free?

    Absolutely. All Appointly features are absolutely free including 1,000 SMS notifications per month. (Over 1,000 you can simply add your own Twilio API key).

    Why is it free? Because, we're awesome. Now go try it, already. 😂

  • Do I need a website to use Appointly?

    No, we offer free hosted calendars where patients can go to[your-business-name] and book directly. You will receive email and sms notifications for each booking and each custom domain comes with all features.

  • How do I get my customer payments for my booked appointments?

    You can set up your Stripe or Paypal keys to accept patient payments and 100% of all payments will go to your account. You can also set up local payments and deposits – in which a customer can book an appointment and pay upfront or pay for a service physically.

    There is also an option for payments to be sent through Appointly. Stripe or Paypal Braintree payment tokens may be left blank and we will process the payments under Appointly. We will then send the full amount to you. It is up to you to understand Stripe’s and Paypal’s service fees. We don’t charge anything on top.

  • Where can I reach tech support?

Appointly offers this and more

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